Disability Day Centre

Day Centre

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services Day Centre, located in Sydney offers days services for adults with disabilities.

Building on our track record of providing excellent ‘person first’ care, our NDIS registered disability day centre helps you gain skills for independence while you engage with others and enjoy participating in fun activities.

Our disability programs can help you:

  • gain life skills and build capacity for daily living, helping you be more independent in everyday life
  • stay physically active while having an opportunity to get out of the house
  • Try different hobbies and develop new interests in a friendly group setting
  • Achieve your own goals with plenty of support from a dedicated staff team
  • make new friends and spend time with other people in a warm and inclusive environment
  • Lift your mood and improve your wellbeing by getting out of the house and spending time doing things you enjoy
  • Develop skills that allow you to find work
  • If you are a carer, have a break through our disability respite services while knowing your loved one is in safe hands

What we offer

A team of dedicated community support workers

Our disability day programs are developed and managed by a team of highly trained community support workers who have a positive attitude and are committed to putting the individual first. Although they run group activities, they are able to cater for different abilities so that each person is able to meet their individual goals. They work towards creating a warm and safe environment where you are valued and cared for.

Skill learning and capacity building programs

Capacity building is all about making sure you have the confidence, skills and resources you need to participate in the community and access the same opportunities as others.

At Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services , we run day programs for adults with disabilities designed to help people build their capacity and gain the skills they need to navigate everyday life. Our goal is to help you live as independently as possible, so you can create a life that brings you meaning and allows you to do the things you want to do. We can help you gain skills and confidence in areas such as:

  • basic literacy and numeracy
  • computer skills and navigating the Internet
  • cooking and preparing meals
  • travel and public transport skills
  • housekeeping, cleaning and gardening
  • fine motor skills
  • skills related to personal care and grooming
  • shopping and handling money
  • budgeting and working out finances
  • accessing supported employment

Convenient location next to our Allied Health Centre

We are well placed to care holistically for all your needs. Our disability day centre is optimally located next to our Health Centre, which offers full adult and paediatric rehabilitation and therapy facilities. As well as attending our disability programs, you can see a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, dietitian or speech therapist right next door.

Support to help you achieve your personal goals

In your NDIS planning meeting, one of the things you will discuss with your planner is what goals you would like to reach. These can be things that are important for you to achieve or learn, such as improving your relationships, being able to manage your money, finding a job, learning how to drive or improving your health and wellbeing.

Our disability day programs can help you achieve the goals set out in your NDIS plan. We offer plenty of support that is tailored to where you are at, so that you can grow in the areas you choose.

Plenty of opportunities for socialising and learning new hobbies

Socialising with others has many benefits for our health. It can improve our self-esteem, improve our mental health and give a sense of purpose to our lives. Our disability day centre offers plenty of opportunities for you to socialise with others while enjoying new hobbies. You can try leisure activities such as arts and crafts, drama, singing, music therapy and gentle exercises such as yoga, in groups of people with similar interests.

Culturally aware to meet the needs of participants from CALD backgrounds

Australians come from all sorts of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds. Our day services for adults with disabilities caters for people from all cultures, thanks to our individualised approach that treats everyone as unique.

We also offer opportunities for people to explore interests that are culturally relevant to them, and are sensitive towards values and needs that are specific to each person.

Respite when you need it

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services’s disability respite services is available for you when you need it. Whether you need assistance so you can attend appointments, participate in paid work, look after your health or simply take a break, our day program is the perfect opportunity for you to get the assistance you need while knowing your loved one is in safe hands.

Are Day Centre activities funded by the NDIS?

If you are an NDIS participant, you may be able to access our day programs for adults with disabilities with funding from the following areas:

  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation under Capacity Building Supports
  • Community and Social Activity under Core Supports
  • Improved Daily Living Skills under Capacity Building Supports

Not sure how your NDIS funding works, or want to chat to someone about what you are eligible for? We’re happy to help; just get in touch.