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Our Services in Newcastle

Our Services in Newcastle

If you’re on the hunt for home care services in Newcastle, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services, we’ve been serving people in the local community for over two decades, helping hundreds of people get a quality home care service that they can rely on.

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services: A Professional Care Service In Newcastle

At Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services, we believe that the care a person receives should be of the highest quality. Care affects all aspects of a person’s life, from everyday activities, like preparing food, to their ability to socialise. With Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services, you get a professional, certified service, operated by people with a vast range of skills designed to deliver an exceptional quality of care. We’re committed not only to meeting a client’s physical and medical needs but their emotional, psychological, social, intellectual and spiritual needs too.

Take a look at how we’re different from the average care service in Newcastle.

Home Care Services Newcastle

The term “home care” is very broad and for us at Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services Newcastle, it can really mean any task associated with living at home and part of the wider community. Home care does not only refer to tasks like cleaning or home maintenance. It’s any domestic assistance provided to you, to help you enable living at home and achieve the best quality of life possible.

We are flexible about the home care services we offer and help you with the most challenging tasks, so you can get back to an enjoyable life. We’re not just one of your everyday aged care providers who do their job quickly and go home – we take the time to make sure everything is perfect for you.

Each of our clients is unique, and we love that about them. We know that having her bedding changed every week means the world to Bessie. And we know that Graham looks forward to his weekly shopping trip with Judith more than anything else. It’s the little things – those fun stimulating activities – that can make the most significant difference in how you feel about things.

Knowing that there is a clear plan in place, and someone you can call on when you need some help, leaves everyone feeling reassured and less worried about the future. That’s what you’ll get from our experienced team at Home Care.

NDIS Providers Newcastle

As an accredited National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service provider, we provide services to adults with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disabilities. Our role is to support our clients to live rich, fulfilling and connected lives and help them reach their individual goals.

Finding an appropriate NDIS service provider isn’t always easy. There are a lot of service providers out there, and each seems to offer different services. Many providers are new to the industry and don’t have experience in working within the NDIS guidelines.

We have been working with NDIS funded clients since the scheme commenced. We can explain how the NDIS works and help you build a service plan that will enable you to feel more independent and involved in the community.

Disability Care Newcastle

Many of our NDIS clients use their funding to assist with daily living tasks, such as personal care and grooming, shopping and cooking and cleaning at home. However, we also provide many services beyond these, which can help increase independence and improve overall health and well-being.

Every needs additional assistance from time to time. Our experienced, well-trained care workers can provide a flexible service designed to develop capacity in areas such as:

  • Making new friends and connections, enagaging in community activities and regular outings
  • Using the computer
  • Managing appointments
  • Looking for volunteer work
  • Studying a course
  • Using public transport to get to the places you need  to go, whether that be shopping centres or to access other community services
  • Managing money
  • Pain management
  • Continence management

No matter what the task is, we’re here to deliver the best quality of care possible with our comprehensive range of services.

Home Care Packages Newcastle

Aged Care Packages are also flexible in that you can have access to the help you need, and the help that will enable you to live at home for longer.

Our wide range of home care packages are offered at varying levels, with more intensive support offered in levels three and four. The types of assistance you can have through an Aged Care Package include:

  • Task inside the home such as cleaning, dusting, cooking or laundry
  • Physical activities outside of the home such as maintenance and gardening
  • Personal care services such as dressing, bathing and meal preparation
  • Mobility aids and equipment such as rails and adjustments to keep you safe
  • Clinical and medical care such as nursing and physiotherapy and nursing
  • Social activities such as being taken to groups or out to visit Newcastle Botanic Gardens, or going out to your favourite clubs for meals
  • Exercise programs (check more about how you can access exercise physiology services)
  • Short-term accommodation if you’ve experienced an injury or other medical conditions requiring specialist acommodation

We can deliver many types of services, and will work with you to design the perfect package. Your perspectives and opinions are of the utmost importance, and we want to hear from you about what would make the biggest difference for you.

We know that your needs may change and regularly review your plan with you.  It’s also ok if you change your mind about something and want to alter or reallocate your funding to something you feel is more important. We’re all about delivering a practical care solution to you, no matter your circumstances. Always let us know if you need additional services.

Dementia Care Newcastle

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with dementia, it is normal to feel shocked and worried. But, a diagnosis can also come as a relief, explaining the worrying feelings of anxiety, confusion or changes in personality and providing a clear direction forward. Once you have a diagnosis of dementia, you can take action to help you stay in control and make a plan for the future.

Many people with dementia live in their own homes, and are active in their local community. With treatment, strategies and supports, you may be able to live the same lifestyle for many more years to come. When you receive a dementia diagnosis, contact our personal carers to get started on that plan and to get some supports in place right away. We have a range of health professionals who know the value of an early intervention approach. This will help you set up a support network with you as your needs change.

From some occasion al help with the tasks associated with managing a home, through to more ongoing assistance with providing tasty meals, medication and personal care, our skilled team can help you to be as independent as possible. We can adapt our services as your condition progresses. We’ll match you with staff who will get to know you and who can offer specialist dementia care.

If you’re a loved one looking after a family member experienced dementia, we can also provide the respite care you need. You can go about your daily life as usual while we take care of your loved one.

Get in touch with Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services Newcastle

We are here to support you, or your loved ones, through your care plan and journey. Our mission here as a passionate care facilitator in Alburty is to help you reach the independent life you desire.

We want to help you so that you can get on with your daily lifestyle activities as seamlessly as possible. Get in touch and we can arrange a phone consult or home visit, during which we can talk you through:

  • The range of services we offer
  • Service eligibility criteria
  • How funding can be set and allocated
  • How we would develop a plan of care
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a service recipient
  • Any additional services offered by our primary carers

Wherever you live in the Newcastle area, whatever level of clinical care you require and whatever you need some help with, our experienced, well-trained care workers can design and deliver a flexible support package to suit your needs.

Whether you’re in need of respite for carers in your family, assistance with accessing lifestyle programs, helping a family member with performing physical activities, or just any additional assistance, get in touch with us to speak to a personal care worker today.