Assistance with travel/transport arrangements

  • Level 1: The NDIS will provide up to $1,606 per year if you are not working, studying or attending day programs but are seeking to increase your community access.
  • Level 2: The NDIS will provide up to $2,472 per year if you are currently working or studying part-time (up to 15 hours a week), participating in day programs and for other social, recreational or leisure activities.
  • Level 3: The NDIS will provide up to $3,456 per year if you are currently working, looking for work, or studying, at least 15 hours a week, and are unable to use public transport because of your disability.
  • Exceptional circumstances: you may be eligible to receive higher funding if you have either general or funded supports in your plan to enable your participation in employment.
  1. travelling with a support worker: the NDIA can provide funding to cover the costs of a support worker to transport you or accompany you when accessing your community. These funds are covered under Core Supports (Assistance with Social and Social Communication) in your NDIS plan.

Ready Ability Care’s dedicated support workers can provide you with the travel assistance that you require to meet your unique needs and achieve your goals. We can transport and accompany you:

  • to visit the chemist
  • grocery shopping trips
  • to and from your medical or other appointments
  • rehabilitation and therapeutic sessions
  • to engage in community and social events, and group activities
  • to the local park or library
  • and any other place or event that will enhance access to your community

We want to ensure that you have the access you need to live a good, healthy and sustainable life, where you have the choice and control in determining the activities which best help you achieve your goals.

  1. capacity-building: increasing independence for people with disability is one of the main goals of the NDIS, and Ready ability care alike. The NDIA will provide funding to build your capacity to travel independently. This funding is covered under Capacity Building Supports (Improved Daily Living).

Ready ability care can help you overcome the barriers and challenges you face when travelling and/or catching public transport. We can increase your capacity to travel independently by:

  • developing your skills and providing you with training to use public transport.
  • addressing challenges associated with travelling, such as social anxiety and issues you may have with learning and understanding transport schedules and timetables.
  • building your confidence.
  • building your life and social skills.

We want to help you build your mobility, confidence, and skills, and ensure your freedom and independence.

  1. specialised transport: vehicle modifications may be included in your NDIS plan where it is a reasonable and necessary support that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. This means the NDIS may fund some or all of the costs associated with making changes to your vehicle, or the installation of equipment in it, to enable you to access it and, in some cases, operate it. The NDIA will consider whether the modifications to your vehicle is seen as offering value for money or whether there is a more cost-effective solution. If approved, the NDIA will cover the modification costs to your vehicle under Assistive Technology in your NDIS plan.