Development of daily living and life skills

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care will meet with you to learn about your goals and will work with you and your family/caregivers to put in place supports to help you develop everyday skills, with a focus on confidence and independence.

The development of daily living and life skills focuses on the participant's or their career's training and development activities to strengthen their ability to live as independently as possible. Individual or group training might involve abilities in daily life activities, communication and social skills, problem solving, and managing support money.

To help participants deal with these issues, we provide a variety of training and development programs focused at improving their ability to handle day-to-day life by expanding their knowledge, skills, and support networks.

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care, on the other hand, will work with you to achieve your objective if you have a specific skill you wish to master. Our support staff has a wide range of experiences and interests. All we do is assist you in matching your skills and interests with those of others!

General Life Skills Development

We have learned to recognize and comprehend the level of complexity experienced by individuals with disabilities when addressing everyday tasks and activities via our years of experience in the disability and community sectors. We can offer training and development in a variety of areas, including:

       • Personal hygiene:
          such as showering, toileting, and personal care
       • Nutrition:
          such as shopping for groceries and planning for and preparing a healthy meal
       • Maintaining cleanliness in your home:
          such as housework, laundering of clothes, and addressing maintenance issues or                repairs
       • Communicating with service providers and support networks
       • Transport and travel:
          such as planning your journey, accessing public transport and
       • trouble‐shooting issues.

Numeracy, literacy, and financial management skills development?

Our specialists can help you get the skills and independence you need to handle your finances, such as opening a bank account and developing a budget.

We can improve your communication and independent living abilities by working on your numeracy and reading.

Individual life and personal skills development

We recognize the special obstacles that people with disabilities confront in terms of personal and interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, we recognize the difficulties that parents, family members, and caregivers experience in dealing with topics such as social skills, sexuality, interpersonal connections, emotion control, and personal safety.

We offer programs to help you and your family or caregivers navigate these challenges as they happen, as well as adopt methods to improve your ability to manage them in the future. 

Training for parents and carers

We recognize that being a parent or caregiver is a full-time, high-stress job that places considerable demands on a person's time, energy, and resources. We can help parents and caregivers get the skills, information, and understanding they need to manage both their daily lives and longer-term circumstances.

We can provide information and help about managing challenging behaviors, personal care, and mealtime support in collaboration with parents and carers.

We can also help parents handle episodic concerns including transitioning into, out of, and back into school settings, as well as transitioning out of the family home and into independent or group-based living conditions.